House Update #3 – SOLD!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a house update, but truthfully, there hasn’t been much to report. Since September, we’ve pretty much just watched the exterior come together. But, in the last several weeks we’ve listed our current house for sale, SOLD our current house, and seen lots of progress on the new house.

Let’s start with the current house. We listed it for sale the week I went back to work. No, that wasn’t hectic at all.  I had spent free moments of my maternity leave purging stuff in our house, but there was a bunch that we couldn’t (didn’t want) to do until the last minute. So the Great Purge 2016 happened. To show off our hard work, here are some pics…

Exterior shot (which we took back in October before things got really brown)
It doesn’t look like 3 kids live here, huh!?

The kitchen I will be sad to leave behind

Master freshly vacuumed.

 The short story is we sold the house in 7 days. We were SO thankful because keeping the house this spic and span with the kiddos (and dog) was not easy. Also not easy was getting everyone out of the house for showings.  The best part of the sale is we are leasing back our house until March and shouldn’t have to move twice (fingers crossed).

Now, on to the new house! I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

There have been lots of overcast days, so this is one of the last pics we have with a blue sky. Being prepped for stucco.
Stucco done and shutters up! (Shutters will be painted gray)

A different angle on the exterior.
The kitchen in work….
Cabinets being painted

As of 12/22 (I cheated this post date), we have all cabinets in, hardwood floors in (not stained), countertops, and stone work on the outside is probably halfway done. Biggest things left (I think) are floor/wall tile, carpet, electrical (like lights).  Our target time frame is early March!

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