Christmas Celebrations

This weekend we really got in the holiday spirit.  Not just because the temps dropped to arctic levels (that’s enough out of you, Mr. 9 degree windchill), but we had holiday programs and Santa visits galore!

First, on Friday, both Chris and I got to visit Walt’s classroom for his Winter party. The volunteer parents did an outstanding job with great activities.  Despite the insanity of our personal lives, we are both so lucky to be able to step away from work to enjoy these moments.

Are biggest guy cheesing it up

“Egg” races (ps, this cutie girl smoked Walt. He was leading the whole time, but got careless at the end and dropped it).

Making a penguin 
Mom helping Walt make an igloo

Dad helping with the penguin

The hit activity was dressing each other up as snowmen…

I think Walt makes a pretty good frosty guy

On Saturday, we got to see our little performer, Oscar, sing in his school’s holiday program. Last year he was a bit intimidated by the crowd (he was 2.5 years old), but this year he waved emphatically at us and sung his little heart out.

The guy in the green hat with maroon pants near the end is pretty cute 🙂
Doing all the hand motions like a boss

Posing with our friends afterwards. Notice Oscar.
Two very sweet friends (Makayla) from a school we love so much!

Look at this handsome guy!

And finally, we made our annual trip to see The Big Guy this weekend. We told the boys that Dub (the Elf) won’t come until we go see Santa (hey, we needed to buy some time during all those showings). So, Oscar told Santa he poops in the potty and wants trains, while Walt asked for a video game and for Santa to send his elf.  Vivy didn’t cry, so she was great. And just like that, we have three little people sitting on Santa’s lap…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    Love it! they are so stinkin' cute 🙂


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