Merry Christmas 2016

Another Christmas in the books but this time as a family of five.  Chris and I agree that this was one of the best Christmas’s in our lives together. High praise! I am so lucky to work somewhere that shuts down from Christmas Eve through the New Year. That’s not to say that the days leading up to Christmas still aren’t insanity. But once we got to Christmas Eve, things were marching along nicely.

I took the boys with me to Christmas Eve service at my parent’s church (and the church I attended growing up). We aren’t church-goers normally (insert Satan emoji), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t spiritual and grateful people. All that said, I thought it was important to expose the boys to some pretty basic church concepts. They were really awesome!  Then we headed to Papa Ronni and Papa Chuck’s for Christmas Eve dinner.

All dressed up!
Daddy’s Girl
Before she went down for bed. She was obsessed with this dress (atta girl!). She kept grabbing the tulle a staring at it in awe.
The boys were so exhausted when we got home that it was maybe one of the easiest bedtimes yet. Fast forward to Christmas morning. Walt was such a stud and stayed upstairs until his brother woke up and then this happened…

Baby girl in her festive PJs
Even she got a new toy!

Walt loved every single gift he opened and did a great job passing out gifts. He only struggled with things labeled in cursive 🙂
After our little family Christmas, my sister’s family and parents came over for round two!
What’s Christmas morning without some alcohol!?

While we made it out of PJs, I don’t think we left the house for almost two days. We had tons of new things to play with and just enjoyed the company of each other. We have SO much to be thankful for (so so so much) and this down time really allowed us to reflect on that!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    LOVED the video! how cute 🙂 Avery had those same festive pjs.


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