Vivian Elise is 5 Months Old

What a month for this little peanut! Our petite little one had a great month.She is absolutely thriving at daycare and her personality is really starting to flourish.

Sleeping: She’s still a total stud in this department. Bottle or nurse at 6:30pm and not a peep until 7/7:30 am. She is still napping 3 times a day (sometimes 4 if daycare is in charge)

Eating: Still just breastmilk. We’ll look to trying some cereal in the next few weeks. We are keeping it simple for now

Milestones: She can ROLL!  She was in no hurry to do this, and we actually haven’t really witnessed it completely with our two eyes. But she’s flipping in her crib and if we walk away from her playmat and come back, we find her flipped.Here’s a video of her (desperately) trying:

Viv is also still drooling all over the place. She goes through 5-6 bibs a day! Both Walt and Oscar got teeth before 6 months, so we’ll see. I personally just think she’s drooly. She’s far from unhappy.

Vivian also is practicing sitting. She has a lot of great balance.  She can hold a sit for a few seconds unassisted, but she’s definitely not sitting yet. In fact, for this photo shoot, I just sat her against pillows and she never even teetered.

 Vivian LOVES her brothers and Bentley. She immediately smiles at all three of them. Come to think about it, she loves Chris and I too 🙂 She no longer gets completely pissed in the car when it’s not moving. She’s less of a ticking time bomb when we run errands.  She’s also so freaking happy. When she wakes up in the morning, she happily plays in her crib. When she hears our voice enter her room, she starts talking and smiling. She also loves baths and eating.

To be honest, there’s not a whole lot that Vivian doesn’t like. She gets mad when she’s tired, but happily goes to sleep. She rarely cries when you change her diaper, and she’s just generally happy. She doesn’t like to be startled much.

Here are some fun pics from the last month:

Showing off one of her Christmas outfits

The happiest, chubbiest little baby! 

Watching her big bro ❤

She LOVES bath time. I realize she looks chubby and huge, but in person, she’s still a tiny peanut

Viv is a great snuggle bug. This is after a bedtime feeding and she’s so happy to be going to bed.

Big girl in her crib

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    she is so cute! love the smile 🙂


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