Harlem Globetrotters

For the past several years, we’ve treated my dad to “experiences” rather than presents for his birthday and Father’s Day. However, he’s gotten sick almost every. single. time.  Not scary sick. But, sick enough that he can’t go. My sister, Kathy, and I were hesitant to buy yet some more tickets for his 74th birthday last December. But, we did it anyways.

We bought tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters and thought it would be fun to make a family day out of it! Luckily, Dad was healthy!

Nothing says baller basketball like…a mimosa #sisters

These boys!  Kathy’s oldest, my oldest and Papa Chuck ready for some Globetrotters

I got to ride with these handsome fellas!

Spending special time with Walt makes me happy! Cotton candy makes Walt happy.

Really cool tricks!

These guys had a blast! Jameson and Papa Chuck need to work on their excited faces.

Walt and his Aunt KK

This was such a fun outing. We need to make it an annual thing and might even include our 2nd oldest kids 🙂

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    I totally love this idea!


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