Vivian Elise is 6 Months Old!

Our baby sister is halfway through her first year of life. It sort of doesn’t seem possible. But, I also am having a hard time remembering life before her.  It was this week last year that we found out we were having a girl.  Of course we were excited, but I was so expecting her to be a boy (and I have a LOT of experience with boys) that I spent a good amount of time trying to comprehend what raising a girl would be like.
Six months in, I can tell you it’s great! Vivian continues to be such an amazing baby. It’s a good thing we know we don’t want any more kids, because I’ll take 10 baby Vivians please.  Truthfully, all three of our kids have been really good babies, but Viv takes the cake.
Getting our check up today!

Let’s start with her stats.  Poor baby girl has had two back-to-back bouts of RSV so her eating habits haven’t been up to snuff.

Weight: 13lbs 12 oz (10th percentile)
Height: 24.5in (6th percentile (!!!))
Head: 17″ (76th percentile)

So, she’s super duper tiny.  But, we have started to try some foods. We’ve done oatmeal cereal, bananas and avocado.  Dr. G wants us to go full force on baby foods to try and get some weight on this little stinker.  Luckily she seems to dig the eating process and her daycare teachers love feeding her.

Viv’s other big trick is she’s almost a sitter!  She can sit unassisted for a good while. She’s just not sure how to exit the seated position, so she just kind of leans until she rolls… or face plants.

 Yet another milestone is Viv has two teeth!!  They haven’t broke the gums yet, but the other morning she was crying while eating. Poor baby has been sick for literally 4 weeks straight, so I thought she just wasn’t feeling well. But even on her worst sick days, she didn’t cry while eating. I did what any good mom would do and shined my iPhone flashlight in her mouth and saw the two teeth below the surface on the bottom. I made sure to have Dr. G confirm this today.

Vivian loves her feet. She typically grabs them right when you put her on the changing table.  In the pic above, she’s trying to tell me something about the socks I chose.

Here are some other pics from the past month:

Vivian truly loves her brothers. She is always following them with her eyes and smiles at them all the time. She also likes laughing at Oscar when he’s crying 🙂

Our Valentine’s Day outfit.  This was the start of the second round of RSV
Breathing treatments already. She was such a champ!

After she started feeling a little better.

 Six months is one of my favorite ages. I know that the milestones start coming a mile a minute from this point out. I’m content with her staying the happy, immobile, sweet little baby, but I’m also excited to see her do a lot of really cool things! Happy Half Birthday, Vivy!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    she's looking so much like her brothers!
    love the proportions. At 6 months, Avery was 11% weight and 65% head 😉
    The RSV! I didn't realize that 😦 UGGGGGGGGH


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