Vivian Elise is 7 Months Old

Another month has flown by. It was an especially insane month between moving, every sickness known to man, and just general adjustments. But, we can’t skip over Vivian’s 7-month milestones!

Viv continues to be a pretty rockstar baby.  As it goes, her personality is shining every day. While she’s pretty laid back, she definitely enjoys the company of others.  She is most happy watching her brothers goof off (or laughing while Oscar is crying) and she enjoys sweet puppy kisses from Bentley.  
Vivian’s two biggest milestones this month were sitting up (which she did right after her 6-month birthday) and sprouting two teeth (which happened right at the 7-month mark).  She also has progressed into eating most stage 2 baby foods. She LOVES eating her fruits and veggies. She absolutely loves green beans and peas (are we sure she is a Bruns?), and she is getting the hang of puffs.  She also has been messing around with a sippy cup. We have some work to do there.  Vivian has stretched her bottle feedings during the day to every four hours. She only drinks 6 oz at a time (if that). This petite little appetite is so very foreign to me!

She still sleeps like a champ (bed around 6:30 or 7p and awake around 7a, but happy to hang out in her crib). She still kind of naps when she wants, but we noticed at home she can rock two good naps (90min+). Those naps are usually around 9/9:30 and 1:30/2.  At school she is more of a cat napper.

There are very little things that make this girl unhappy. She fusses if she’s tired or hungry, but is easily soothed by addressing those needs or just snuggling her.  She is comfortable with new people and loves touching people’s faces to get to know them and show her affection. 

How could I forget that she’s babbling!?  She very distinctly says “dadadada” and does this funny little suck-in squeal when she’s happy.  Here she is telling us a good story in her language:

We love our tiny, petite little girl so very much!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    oh, she is just so cute!!!


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