Walt Gets Glasses

I’ll be honest. I saw this day coming from a mile away. How’s that for a near-sighted joke?! It seems I have passed along some pretty amazing genes to my kids. First the asthma and allergies, and now terrible eyesight!  I started wearing glasses at the age of six.  My mom and my sister’s eyesight is so bad. Like, what you think is bad, but way worse than that.  My current contact prescription is a -8.00 and I think I have the best eyes in the family. It’s not good!

So, when the school nurse said Walt was having trouble with the eye test, I booked him an appointment stat.  Walt was actually super excited about it. Glasses have made a pretty awesome comeback in the last several years, so the notion of having glasses was cool, rather than terrifying.  Walt did amazing at the doctor and we learned what was causing his blurred vision was a slight astigmatism (no near-sightedness yet!)

Getting super space-aged pics taken of his eyes
3-D vision test

Ready to see the doc!

Option 1 or 2…. A or B…

Here are the specs he chose! Ray Bans like daddy 🙂

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    wow – I love them! I got glasses in 2nd grade. When I had Lasik, I was a -10.50. Can't wait to see what my kids end up with 😉 PS: I don't recommend Lasik!


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