Happy spring, everyone! By happy, I mean terrifying.  I’ve lived in North Texas my entire life and have become very accustomed to the stormy spring.  I’m not above grabbing a bottle of wine and waiting it out in the bathtub.  Tornadoes and hail are our biggest threat, however despite countless tornado sirens, we’ve never come close enough to one to really cause damage. Thank goodness!  Don’t worry, I still act like a tornado is coming anytime I see a wall cloud. And don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be a full-fledged tornado to be damaging. Straight-line winds will take a full-grown oak tree down, no problem!

On Friday night, we had a typical storm… just kidding, this storm was the weather apocalypse.  It started out with wind and lightening and thunder. #typical.  Then the hail started.  Also, not atypical. But what started as a cute little peppering of funny little ice pellets, quickly turned into a full onslaught of frozen baseballs ALL OVER OUR NEW HOUSE.

Anyone who has experienced hail knows it’s pretty short lived.  We’re talking 3-4 minutes.  Much like a tornado – it comes, destroys, and leaves.  This little ambush lasted well over 10 minutes.  I just kept waiting for a window to crack.

After examining the damage this morning, we were extremely fortunate not to have a broken window. Turns out, every single house around us had one. What we do have are several cracked and shattered roof tiles, chipped stucco, beat up gutters and one patio table victim.  For your viewing pleasure:

Covered in hail
A sampling of the ammunition

Chipped stucco (and a spider friend)

Just some cracked clay tile – NBD
A direct hit!

and bye, bye conversation table

I have to say, we are SO grateful to all be safe a sound. Just a little rattled and cringing at the home insurance claim.  Until next spring….

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    WOW! Yeah, we got hit really hard last year – twice! Our roof was only 4 years old, and now it is brand new again.


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