Vivian Elise is 8 Months Old

Our sweet, chunky baby sister is 8 months old!  Here’s what the little lady is up to these days.

 Eating: Don’t let her size fool you.  Mama likes to eat.  I nurse her in the morning and she’s doing 3 bottles (6 oz) the rest of the day. We are closing the breastfeeding chapter as we speak. I actually thought I had cut the cord a couple days ago, but needed to let some air out of the tires, so I foresee a couple more random nursing sessions.  Am I sad? Not really 🙂 I’m sad that this part of the book is done and we certainly had moments that we enjoyed. Will I miss being tied to a clock or a pump all the time? NOPE!

Viv is also a big fan of baby food. She likes everything from fruits to veggies and even the nasty pureed meats.  We’re trying to give her some more chunky stuff. She only has two teeth, so we have to practice. She does love her some puffs, though!

Sleeping: She’s a champ. The end.  Nothing much has changed, though I think she’s settling into a 2-nap routine. She still naps all over the place at school (usually 3 shorter naps), but at home, she gives us two 90+ minute naps.  Night time is still a cinch.  She only cries in the middle of the night if she’s not feeling well, and only on rare occasions do we need to get her out of the crib.

Playing: Vivian learned how to wave AND clap this month! If you see her wave, it’s bound to make you smile. She waves at you like she hasn’t seen you in months.  A very big and vibrant “hello!”  Her clapping is very dainty. More like a golf clap. 

Loves: This one loves her brothers. She constantly follows them around with her eyes and giggles.  Walt is a great big brother and lets her do anything she wants to him. She loves to pull his hair and smack his face.

 Hates: Being sleepy. She’ll let you know. Also, hungry. Don’t dare eat something in her presence without planning on sharing or at least giving her her own food. She’s also not a fan of being alone for too long. I can’t blame her.

We took some family pics today, so we’re really excited to have some updated family portraits. The last ones we did were when Viv was a newborn and I’d say she’s changed a bit since then.

Viv is such a fun, social and playful little baby.  She’s happy in a stroller, outside, carseat, being held and generally where the action is. Her brothers love, love, love to make her laugh and Bentley loves to give her kisses.  We are so lucky to have our Vivian Elise!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    such a cutie!!!


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