Morris Crawfish Boil

Every year, my sister, Michelle, and her husband, Rusty, host a fabulous crawfish boil in Houston.  Every year, for the past 6 years (it feels like), I’ve been pregnant or had a small child (or was overrun with sports). As luck would have it, the stars aligned this year and I took the boys down for some fun with their Aunt Big and Uncle Rusty.

Four hours is a long time for little boys in the car, so we took a silly break at DQ
We got to see the live crawfish before they met their boiling destiny. Walt was not about it.
Uncle showed Oscar how to hold them and not get pinched…

And Oscar picked up on it very quickly!

The Morris Pool was open which was great for the boys and terrible for this mama. The pool was way too cold and I was a nervous wreck trying to keep an eye out for drowning.

The World’s Pickiest Eater decided he would try a cooked crawfish (insert wide-eyed emoji). I was SO proud of him for peeling it and actually putting it in his mouth. That was good enough for him. 

The boys also got to see their cousin, Louie.  
After dinner, I got roped into some crazy game with my nieces and nephew and their friends called Secret Hitler. Yes, it was just as messed up as the name implies.

 The boys were so excited to sleep in a hotel room. Walt was so overly tired that he kept waking up thinking crawfish were pinching him. Yikes!  But they were super troopers and I got to see what amazing buddies these two are. They are built-in best friends when there isn’t always someone to play with. My only regret was not getting more pics of the boys with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Next year!

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