Bruns-Buford Visit

This week was a tough week. We had an unexpected death in the family that was very difficult for everyone. But, as the universe usually works, it dealt us some pretty cool surprises to offset the sadness. We were able to host Chris’s Aunt Bernadette and Uncle Bruns (from Austin) along with his cousin, Allison, and her two adorable girls, Avery and Elizabeth (all the way from Brooklyn, NY).

Avery and Oscar are 9 days apart, so it was super fun to watch them play with each other.  Elizabeth, who is just shy of 2, is coming into her own personality and was adorable to watch toddle around. The boys loved playing with the girls and were super stoked at the 2-night slumber party.

Group story time was the best. Clearly, Ryan is the king storyteller…
Lots of love for Peter Rabbit

Oscar and Avery hugging it out after a super fun trip


Don’t let those sad faces fool you. These girls had a blast. They traveled all over the state of Texas in the last week and might have been a little beat.

We were so happy to host family and have plenty of space to do it!  Those Buford girls are welcome back anytime (next time, bring Turner!)

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