Kinder Field Day 2017

I love my job. They are so amazingly flexible to my working mom status. They also present me with great opportunities to spread my wings.  I stopped traveling for the better part of the last 10 months while having Vivian and then having a newborn at home and all that comes with it (read: nursing and pumping). While I miss almost nothing, I did have to miss Walt’s first Field Day.  Sad as it was, I’m not the only one with a flexible job 🙂 Chris is right there with me at every school event, teacher conference, and volunteer opportunity.  In fact, he was Walt’s regular lunch buddy for much of the fall semester! I knew I’d get a good recap of the day from Chris. Lucky for the parents, the 4th and 5th graders help run the Kinder Field Day, so he truly just got to be a spectator.

Walt waiting his turn to jump rope

This proud boy doing all the things he loves! Running, playing outside, etc

Capture the flag

Chris said Walt’s teacher told him that Walt is so mature. This I believe. Walt is a helper and is so good at helping others (adults and other kids alike). He has such a kind heart. Even though he loves sports beyond belief, he is not so competitive that he doesn’t care about the other kids. In fact, Chris said a kid got kicked in the face during Capture the Flag and Walt was the only one to go check on him. I love this sweet boy!

And finally, enjoy this hilarious potato sack race video:

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    he just has the sweetest face. I'm right there with you about work. I'm turning down a 1 day trip just because the thought of being gone/pumping/storing is just too much! 5 more months…


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