Vivian Elise is 9 Months Old

Vivian has now been living in the outside world as long as she was in the womb! It’s hard to believe it, but we cannot imagine life without her. What a joy!

She has her 9-month check up next week, but all indicators still point to her being a petite little thing.  She’s not scrawny by any means. Just compact 🙂  She’s wearing 9-month sized clothes (which I”m pretty sure Oscar skipped altogether), has figured out how to remove her bows, and typically eats her shoes.

Milestones: Viv is not mobile yet. (Thank goodness!)  She can spin herself around while on her tummy and sometimes she scoots herself backwards, but no getting up on all fours. I’m so very much ok with this. She can stay put for the next couple of years if she wants.

She does like to pull herself up on things, which makes me wonder if she will skip crawling all together. I mean, how inefficient is that?

Eating: Tiny she is, but boy can this girl eat! They even tell me at daycare that she gets so mad when her food is all out or other kids are eating and she’s not. We’ve moved into some soft solid foods (not purees) like peas, green beans, and her favorite: avocados.  Last night we tried some raviolis and I couldn’t cut them up fast enough for her.  She reminds me a lot of Oscar at this age, but even Mr Chunk didn’t eat this good! She is also easily entertained by a plate full of puffs.

Playing: Viv is still super content playing anywhere as long as she can see someone (like me, Daddy or her brothers).  Bentley continues to be her favorite. Vivian is an expert clapper and has begun to clap at appropriate times. She also has begun shaking her head “yes” and “no”. I’m working on teaching her when is the right time to use it.

Vivian has also found her voice (boy, is she gonna need it). She continues to babble with “dadada” despite all of us trying to get her to say “mamama”, but she sometimes throws in “lalala”, which gives me hope. She usually speaks up when she’s in her carseat just to make sure you know she’s still there.
This last month – Viv did some fun stuff:
She got to hang with her fellow-blue eyed cousin, Cassie. 

She’s playing happily in her “Circle of Neglect”

What a sweet snuggle bug.. Hanging out with mommy after I had been out of town a few days. 

Just to prove that she’s not malnurished – check out this chubby princess.
We love you, Ms Vivian Elise! I guess it’s time to start planning that first birthday party!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    “circle of neglect” bahahahahahahaha


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