Last Day of School 2017

Wowee, that sure was a fast year! They all keep getting faster. I can’t believe we now have a first grader on our hands.

Walt went from wanting to be a super hero (or a “fighter”) to being a teacher. I love this!

Walt had an outstanding year. He started kindergarten in August and during the course of the year, added a sibling (on Day 2 of school), moved houses, AND changed schools. I know kids are resilient and Walt’s personality is very laid back and adaptable, but even I was starting to question how much change this kid could handle. Apparently, he’s like a chameleon.  Walt impressed us every turn along the way. He’s so mature and such a big boy. We are forever thankful to the teachers he had this year (Ms McBride and Mrs. Land) for helping him navigate these transitions.

Also, Prosper schools don’t mess around when it comes to celebrating the last day of school. Holy smokes!

Walt’s official Kindergarten certificate. He also won the “Math Whiz” award in his class. I don’t exactly know what that means, but I know he likes math 🙂
Walt’s fantastic teacher, Mrs. Land. Sadly, she won’t be coming back to Prosper ISD next year. Also, the partying gift was an aluminum water bottle #fancy

End of Year party was equipped with a bottle flipping station #cheapthrills

The smile on his face says it all. He was so excited to be playing with his friends and even more excited that SCHOOL’S OUT!

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    I so need to remember to take the “last day” picture this year! I love seeing the change. Where did you get the sign?


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