Summer is Here

I don’t think I have the discipline (or time) to make a separate post for all the amazing things that are happening this summer. So, I’ll start with my “Tales of Summer, Part 1” post.  School was out on June 2, but we really kicked things off Memorial Day weekend (who doesn’t).  We tried out our new neighborhood pool and invited the Zicchino’s over to play.

These buds make my heart swell! They’ve been friends since before they knew it!  Reese (6) and Ruby (3) are the peanut butter to Walt and Oscar’s jelly
Fascination with a roly poly
Little Miss Viv was in LOVE with the water! (even though it was pretty chilly this day)

Splishing and Splashing

Oscar does whatever he wants 🙂

Not the neighborhood pool, but definitely showing off his skills at Papa Ronni’s pool #divingboard

Walt is the camp king! I might regret over-scheduling him, but during the school year it is so hard for us to let Walt do all the millions of things he wants to do.  So, during the summer, why not let him try things for a week. Yes, Chris and I have turned into chauffeur’s. Yes, our Outlook calendars are completely over-taken by color coding. But, alas, we both have flexible jobs, so why not take advantage of it? Someday Walt will just want to sit in his room and talk via hologram to his girlfriend…

Taking some practice shots at basketball camp!
What a baller!
Dressed just right for golf!

Morning warm up at golf camp
We ended golf camp with a bit of a bang. The boys got to play 3 real holes.  It seems there was a shortage of adults so there were 3-4 kids piled in the golf carts. Walt was a stander (a hanger-on, if you will). He apparently wasn’t hanging on so well and was thrown from the cart. He got pretty back road rash on his knee and his chin, but I think he’ll be just fine. So much for the “Safe” sport!
Amidst all of this, Viv is trying to crawl, both boys are playing indoor soccer, and Walt is enjoying some weeks at AlphaBest where he gets to do cool field trips like Amazing Jakes and Adventure landing!
Oscar Man practicing

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