Stori is 40 – in Cabo!

How do you celebrate 40 years of fabulousness? Get all your closest friends to fly to Cabo and rent an ridiculous mansion built into the side of a mountain overlooking where the ocean meets the sea. Oh, and stock it full of the best Mexican service you can find to serve out-of-this-world food and whip up whatever adult beverage you want (or didn’t even know you wanted) to make 48 hours of luxury seem like the new normal.

Every day consisted of pool time, a sing along (or several), copious amounts of food, even more amounts of alcohol, dancing, laughing, and snacks.

That pretty much sums up the greatest, fastest trip to Mexico ever. While it was only 2.5 days, it’s probably best for our egos and our wallets that it wasn’t any longer. There’s no way we could sustain that lifestyle, but boy was it fun to indulge while we could!

Stori and Richard put together this amazing trip and it’s best told in pictures..

It’s early, but someone is excited to celebrate!
This house. Apparently I only have exterior pics (because omg). This view can be seen from about 437 places inside the house.
Same view as above. One is late afternoon and one is early morning
The first morning. I had a coffee in my hand. A cool ocean breeze. And, this view. I never want to leave

Some much needed adult time with this handsome man!
Brunching at the Office
Stori had never been parasailing and was a tiny bit apprehensive. Nothing some tequila and a pushy BFF couldn’t conquer

Away we go – holding hands


High in the sky!!

All the girls – enjoying the pool and the view

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    I was totally living vicariously through your fb posts!


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