Vivian Elise is 10 Months

Double digit months?!? ACK! Can’t she just stay a baby forever??

It was a BIG milestone month for Little Miss Sassy Britches. Here’s all the amazing things our 10-month old can do:

  • Wave “bye bye” and “hi”
  • Throw her hands in the air when you say “up!”
  • Waves her finger at you when you say “no no” (typically followed by giggles)
  • She crawls AND pulls up!

When we went to Cabo, Viv was moments away from crawling. Thank goodness she saved that for our return. She started crawling and literallly figured out how to pull herself up in the same moment.

Vivian’s favorite things are crawling around and inspecting things, reading “Dada” at bedtime, getting attention from her brothers, pulling Bentley’s hair, and being thrown in the air.  Daredevil Vivian also likes to hurl herself backwards when you are holding her. The faster she goes, the happier she is.

Viv continues to explore new foods. Her favorite is still avocado, but she’s gnawed on rotisserie chicken, French fries #sorrynotsorry, pasta, green beans, ravioli, carrots, strawberries, bananas, mangos, and of course Daddy’s pancakes.

Our little sleeping beauty still takes 2 naps a day. Usually around 9:00a and 1:00p.  She has no problem sleeping for 2 hours at a time.  While the breaks are nice, it will also be nice when we can split our day in half, instead of thirds.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Viv is such a happy little girl. She’s such a content little baby. Maybe because she’s #3? But she’s such a little joy and doesn’t fuss about much. I’m sure she’s planning something for about 12 years from now…

I can’t believe we’re already thinking about celebrating this girl’s first birthday. Until then, we’ll enjoy these last two months before she’s 1.

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  1. Sara Watson says:

    she looks like a ton of fun 🙂 happy girl!


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