First Day of School

It’s the middle of August, so it seems weird to be going back to school, but we’ve had some unseasonably mild weather for Texas that is helping with the transition.

We kicked off this school year in a new city: Prosper! Luckily, Walt had been going to his elementary in Prosper since we moved in March, so he’s familiar with the school. He was tickled at Meet the Teacher to show us where to go, meet his teacher, and see a bunch of his buddies.

Oscar and Viv will continue to go to their current Montessori in Frisco until a new daycare/preschool opens close to our new house (hoping just another month or so!) One of these years, we’ll make it all the way through a school year without some sort of change 🙂

Walt at Meet the Teacher! He was such an awesome sport and let me take lots of pics

He found a buddy of his, Ryne, in the cafeteria
Dads doing dad stuff

Mrs. Meyers had a great selfie spot. After we put away all our new supplies, we took some silly pics

Flash forward to the first day!  My little handsome guy, who I bargained HARD with to wear something that wasn’t athletic clothes.  He’s still aspiring to be a boxer (a sport he’s never seen).
Walt and his teacher, Mrs. Meyers. It’s going to be a great year!

It’s unbelievable that it’s RAINING in August. We needed to prove it. 

We are so excited for all the cool things Walt will learn this year!

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