Mother-Son Dance 2017

Calling all Super Heroes!  I LOVE this tradition of going to the Mother-Son Dance in Frisco (even though we live in Prosper).  We ha to miss last year because Viv was a tiny baby and nursing>pumping.

Every year (or the years that we don’t have infants), we go with the Allen boys and their mom, Jenny. This year, Jenny made us all adorable capes to wear! She’s so crafty.

Oscar totally ate up the Super Hero theme. He thought the characters were real and just wanted to hang out and talk to them the whole time. Walt wanted to know if he could have more cookies.  The boys were awesome sports and even indulged us in some dancing. They are the best!

Oscar takes his duties very seriously
The “real” super heroes!
The best crime fighters in town
We ran into some friends!
Look at my amazing protectors! (I don’t think Oscar broke character one time)
Check out these precious capes! Thanks, Jenny!
Jackson and Oscar are cutting a rug

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