Morris Ranch 2017

It’s fall break time, which means it’s still 90 degrees, but we’re gonna head out West! My sister, Big (Michelle), and brother-in-law, Rusty, bought a ranch in central Texas about a year ago. Since Viv was teeny when they bought it, we hadn’t made the trip. That didn’t seem to matter, because I ended up leaving Viv at home and took the boys with me for some ranch fun.

The ranch is located in Mason, TX, which is northwest of Austin and far southwest of Dallas. It took us a little over 5 hours to get there. Mason is a teeny, tiny little town with a proud high school football team and lots of cattle.

Loaded up for a weekend of fun, and I had a travel buddy: my niece, Cassie!
These sports lovin’ boys stopped for 2 seconds for me to snap this pic. That soccer ball was donated to the Ranch đŸ™‚
Oscar took a break and ate some cheese
LOTS of cool things to ride on! This tractor was HUGE
We saw these cattle all day, everyday. They mosey around the property eating things and licking my car.
Our favorite motorized vehicle — the Polaris.  We took many rides around the property in this.
Oscar picking me some flowers
Riding in the Polaris
Oscar with his backseat buddies
My frontseat buddy!
Polaris selfie!
Uncle Rusty hanging the official Morris Ranch sign at the front gate. Just a guy on a ladder.
It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t roast s’mores!
In the deer blind with Uncle
A grumpy Walt, but look at those cute cowboy boots!
More rides…
What’s a ride without some vino!

We had so much fun spending a long weekend out in the country where things were quiet and we didn’t have to rush around. We ate fabulous steaks and the boys enjoyed staying up way past their bedtime. Thanks for the hospitality, Big and Rusty!

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